Selecting materials for your students can be difficult. The Mizzou Store is here to help. Read on to learn more about textbook pricing and how to make life easier for yourself and your students. Please contact us anytime with questions or comments.

Place Textbook Orders On Time


Our paperless textbook adoption program makes the process easy for faculty and department textbook coordinators. This system provides multiple tools to assist faculty in selecting course materials for their classes. They can do the following:

  • Explore selections through integrated Google Books® Preview
  • Use the same books as last term (or the term before) with one click
  • Pick books for all sections at once — then make one section's adoption different
  • Select custom publishing or course supplies in addition to texts
  • Add other materials required for the class, such as art kits, goggles, or computer software.

Contact the textbook department by emailing UMTextAdoptions@umsystem.edu to get your personal login.


  • Spring Semester: October 31
  • Fall Semester: April 15
  • Summer Semester: April 15

General Textbook Information

Choice, Flexibility and Solutions for Our Faculty: A strong relationship between our store and the faculty fosters a successful student learning environment. We offer centralized buying expertise to simplify the textbook adoption process. Our textbook staff can thoroughly research titles to insure that students have choices. We strive to provide new, used, and digital versions of books. We are also able to offer the option to rent some titles. We work hard to offer students and faculty variety, convenience, and affordability. Mizzou Publishing works closely with faculty to offer students the most comprehensive course materials at the lowest price. Custom-made course packets save students money, save faculty time and protect the university through the systematic copyright compliance program provided by our store.

Digital: As course materials merge into the electronic format, The Mizzou Store is working with faculty to identify appropriate delivery methods. All stores offer digital alternatives to traditional textbooks; we use eight different digital book providers including CafeScribe and CourseSmart.

Transparency: The Mizzou Store offers online price comparisons, allowing our customers to compare our textbook prices with competitors' prices at themizzoustore.com. Eighty percent of our online customers choose us after comparing prices.

Higher Education Opportunity Act

Section 112 of the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) requires institutions of higher education who receive federal financial assistance to provide students with accurate course material information including ISBN and retail price, when available and practicable, for each course listed in the institution’s course schedule used for
pre-registration and registration purposes. The Mizzou Store’s integrated point of sale (POS) and e-commerce systems achieve this compliance via our store website, which allows students to access the most up-to-date textbook information submitted by faculty.

For more information visit ED.gov

Together, We Can Help Our Students Save Money on Textbooks.

Place Textbook Orders On Time

The most immediate way that faculty can reduce the cost of educational materials for their students is by submitting timely textbook orders.

  • On-time orders can result in more lower priced textbooks for students because they allow The Mizzou Store more time to source used copies.
  • On-time orders mean that students can receive more money at end of semester textbook sell back when The Mizzou Store knows what books will be used the next semester.
  • On-time orders reduce the cost of expedited shipping, which saves the university money.
Place Textbook Orders On Time

Consider Unbundled Course Materials

“Bundles”-- additional materials, such as CD-ROMs, study guides, etc.--can significantly increase the cost for your students. Bundles on the MU campus average $138.05 per course. Bundles with non-required materials force students to purchase new texts at premium prices, even though some bundled materials often go unused.

Request Pricing Information from Publisher Reps

Faculty have a right to know suggested retail prices that students will pay, the history of edition revisions, the estimated length of time these products will remain on the market, and the cost of individual items in a bundle. Missouri’s Textbook Transparency Act requires textbook publishers to make the price, any substantial content revision between the last two editions, copyright dates, and the availability of alternative formats for a text, upon request, available to faculty members or textbook adopters at public higher education institutions.

Consider Using Course Packets

Course packets can mean significant cost savings when only a small percentage of the original text is required, or when small portions of several texts can be combined into one. The Mizzou Store offers faculty a cost-efficient, copyright compliant alternative to supplement traditional textbooks. Learn more at Mizzou Publishing.

Reuse An Old Edition If It Meets Your Teaching Needs

If the new edition contains little or no content change, consider using the older edition. If previous editions are still usable, they can be purchased as used texts, saving your students 25% or more.


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  • Technology

    The Mizzou Store - TigerTech offers educational pricing on computers and software. TigerTech service department repairs computers in and out of warranty. Division of IT technicians provide triage and hardware repairs, virus/ spyware removal, RAM/memory upgrades, and peripheral and software installation. All computers at TigerTech meet the minimum requirements of the university and can be supported by the MU Division of IT.

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    Full-time, benefit-eligible University of Missouri and MU Health faculty and staff receive a 10% discount on most items in the store. Some exclusions apply.

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