Mizzou Parents

Textbooks are Expensive - Here are a Few Money Saving Tips

  1. Shop early and buy used books! We know the price of textbooks is high, and we try to do everything we can to keep the costs low. The first thing we do is carry as many used books as possible, because they save you 25% off the new price of the book. The Mizzou Store carries more used books than just about anyone in the country. Everybody wants used books, so encourage your student to shop for their books as soon as they can.
  2. Return a book promptly if a class has been dropped or if the professor has decided not to teach from the text. The store only carries those items requested by the instructor. We try to make this easy. Students can get a full refund through the first two weeks in the fall and winter semester with an original receipt and in its original condition. (The bookstore limits the refund period to the first two weeks of class because most publishers require that we return books to them by a certain date.)
  3. Have your student sell her/his books at the end of the semester. Our first source for used books is your student! If an instructor has requested a textbook for the next semester, the Mizzou Store will pay students 50% of the new price until their orders are filled. If the book is not being used, we will contract with a company to buy the book from your student for a wholesale price (this is not for the MU campus).
  4. Sign up for Buyback Alerts. Don't have your student haul every book to the store without first signing up for the Mizzou Store used book alerts. These alerts will notify your student when a book can be sold back and the amount. It is also a good reminder to sell the book back.
  5. Have your student visit the themizzoustore.com website and sell a book using our peer to peer used book classified.
  6. Visit www.sellmytextbooks.org.

Tiger Tech Educational Discounts

As an educational retailer, TigerTech saves students hundreds of dollars on software, as well as offer educational pricing on computers. This special pricing is available only to currently enrolled students. TigerTech partners with academic departments to carry the technology recommended by your student's degree program. The Computer Purchase Plan allows eligible students to spread four payments over four semesters, which helps make technology a little more affordable.

Visit www.MUTigerTech.com

Parents, Isn't it About Time you were the "First to Know"?

Isn't about time you were the first to know something?? The Mizzou Store has frequent "secret sales." We notify our signed up student customers about $5.00 t-shirt or $10.00 sweatshirt sales via e-mail. These sales usually run for about 2 hours and we will sell between 500 and 1,000 t's or sweatshirts - just for fun. Sign up for your very own First to Know and we will e-mail you information about our secret upcoming "parents only" on-line sale. The items will be geared toward just you, the parents (guardians and grandparents)! Remember, this secret is just for you.

Visit the MU Bookstore First To Know page.

Understanding Student Charge and University Bookstore FAQ's

Q. What is Student Charge and how does it work?
A. Student Charge allows students to purchase bookstore items with their Mizzou ID and charge it to their University account. Student Charge is available for any student who is financially enrolled at the University. Financial enrollment means that a student has made the minimum educational fee payment for the academic semester. Students may not Student Charge if they are not officially enrolled for the current semester (If your student is not enrolled for summer school, they can't charge during the summer semester.)

Q. Is there a limit to how much students may charge?
A. Your student may charge a maximum of $1,000 per semester. Making a Student Charge payment will not adjust the balance back to $1,000. Once the $1,000 limit is reached, another form of payment is required. Students may track the status of their account by keeping their bookstore receipts. When a purchase is made with Student Charge, the receipt will indicate the remaining account balance. This is a great way to budget throughout a semester.

Q. How will I be billed for bookstore purchases?
Each month the Cashiers Office (15 Jesse Hall) mails a billing statement that contains various charges, such as residence hall and educational fees. Bookstore charges appear on this bill as a "bookstore student sale." Since the MU billing statement is not itemized, it's important for your student to keep the bookstore receipt given at the point of sale.

Q. May I inquire about what my student charged in the bookstore?
A. We truly want to work with you on this. The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), passed by Congress in 1974, protects the confidentiality of your student's educational records. This is a good thing for your student but can be really frustrating for parents. To talk about your student's store purchases, we need your student's consent. This can be done through the Registrar's office or by filling out a form at the Mizzou Store.

A Proud Partner with the Office of Parent Relations

The Mizzou Store would like to thank you for your involvement in your student's education. You can find out more about what you can do to be a part of the Mizzou experience for your student and see what services and resources the Office of Parent Relations provides by visiting this link: http://mizzouparents.missouri.edu/.

We want to hear from you! (Questions, comments, suggestions). The Mizzou Store is not a typical retailer. We're more than books and sweatshirts. As a part of the Division of Student Affairs, our mission is to take care of your student during their stay at Mizzou. How can we help you or improve our services? Direct calls to us at (800) 822-7611 or e-mail us.


the Mizzou Store accepts cash, personal check, student charge, credit card (MC, Visa,Discover) and Bookstore Gift Cards. A valid photo ID is required for check transactions and a valid Mizzou ID is required for student charge.


Student Charge is a privilege that allows students to purchase bookstore items with their Mizzou ID and charge it to their University account. A student may not Student Charge if they are not enrolled for the current semester (if you’re not enrolled for summer school, you cannot Student Charge during the summer semester). A student may charge a maximum of $1,000 per semester. On average, most students can expect to pay $500-$600 for course materials and supplies each semester. Once the limit is reached, another form of payment is needed. Making a payment to your Mizzou bill will not adjust the balance back to $1,000.

MyZOU Online Bill:
Students and authorized viewers can access University Bookstore charges on their MyZou account.For more information, visit:www.cashiers.missouri.edu/makepayment.htm.