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College of Arts & Science

Let Your Major Be Your Guide
College of Arts and Science

The College of Arts and Science is the oldest and largest college of Missouri's flagship university.

The College of Arts and Science supports all current computer operating systems on Apple and Windows computers and encourages diversity in all areas. We believe in a well-rounded education that is reinforced with information technology. These recommendations are a collaborative effort of the A&S Dean's office and A&S department chairs. All models at TigerTech meet the minimum requirements of the College of Arts and Science.

Recommended Purchase Guidelines:

Department Apple/Windows* Department Apple/Windows*
Aerospace Studies 0/100 Military Science 0/100
American Archaeology 100/0 Missouri Review 20/80
Anthropology 50/50 Math 30/70
Art 100/0 Music 100/0
Art History & Archaeology 100/0 Philosophy 85/15
Biological Sciences 95/5 Physics 70/30
Black Studies 50/50 Political Science 5/95
Chemistry 60/40 Psychology 10/90
Classical Studies 80/20 Religious Studies 90/10
Communication 30/70 Romance Languages 85/15
Digital Storytelling 100/0 Sociology 42/58
English 90/10 Second Degree Programs 50/50
Economics 10/90 Statistics 50/50
Geography 0/100 Theatre 100/0
Geological Studies 65/35 Women & Gender Studies 25/75
German & Russian Studies 93/7 History 91/9

*Measured in percentage of faculty users.

Recommended Computers