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School of Medicine

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School of Medicine

The University of Missouri School of Medicine was the first publicly supported medical school west of the Mississippi River. It was organized as a two-year school in 1872.

The University of Missouri School of Medicine offers a program that emphasizes a medical education focused on clinical experience and research. In order to help medical students in their clinicals and research, The School of Medicine recommends students obtain a laptop. Laptops are versatile tools that can help students in and out of the classroom, and it is important to be up to date with the latest computing devised that are used in the medical field. 

The school is a pioneer in the problem-based learning style of medical education that emphasized problem solving, self-directed learning and early clinical experience.

Recommended Purchase Guidelines:

Purchasing a Laptop Already Own a Laptop
Processor 13th Generation Intel Core i5 or higher. Apple M2 or higher 11th Generation Intel Core i5 or higher. Apple M1 or higher
Memory 16GB Minimum of 8GB
Operating System Windows 11 23H2 or MacOS Sonoma Windows 10 v22H2 or newer. MacOS Ventura or newer
 Hard Drive  512GB + SSD (Solid State Drive) 256GB+ 
 Display  HD or Retina® HD or Retina® 
 Camera/Microphone   Functioning web cam/mic  Functioning web cam/mic 
 Warranty 3– or 4–year warranty  3– or 4–year warranty 

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