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College of Human Environmental Sciences

Let Your Major Be Your Guide
College of Human Environmental Sciences

The department of household economics was founded at MU in 1900.

The College of Human Environmental Sciences is committed to educating human environmental science students, creating leaders, and developing entrepreneurs in an innovative and interdisciplinary environment Part of the optimal education experience includes usage of a laptop. A laptop will allow students to accomplish a wide variety of tasks, enabling students to be well rounded and encouraging a holistic view of all fields. 

The college address human needs and enhances individual and family life in a diverse and global society by conducting advanced research, preparing professionals and providing outreach.

The Department of Architectural Studies advises that most of the heavy computer use for students in the program starts in the second year. A majority of work in the first year of the program still relies on traditional media like pens and pencils. Waiting to purchase a new laptop until the second year likely helps students get through the program without needing a new computer (or significant upgrades) in their last year. The Department computing recommendations take into consideration requirements of the latest version of various computer-aided design software. Students are requested to carefully consider the department's computing recommendations before purchasing to ensure that specifications are sufficient to run advanced computer-aided design software. Please see:

Recommended Purchase Guidelines:

Processor Intel Core i7 8th Generation
Memory 16GB RAM
Storage 256GB SSD
Operating System Windows 10 or later

Recommended Computers