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Mizzou Publishing - About us

Mizzou Publishing is the premier resource for custom-created course materials on the MU campus since 1992. We create high quality, cost efficient and copyright compliant course materials to support any teaching and learning style.

Mizzou Publishing takes pride in offering professional, convenient and cost effective services.



“I am extremely pleased with Mizzou Publishing. In fact, I feel spoiled. Not all institutions have such a resource. At a previous institution, if I wanted a course packet, I had to put it together; I had to take it to the copy shop; I had to arrange payment to the copy shop; I had to sell the packet to the students; I had to keep track of the money. With Mizzou Publishing, all I have to do is submit the material and they take care of the rest, including copying, binding, and selling. They even fight the permission battles for me when they arise. All in all, too cool, and very convenient. I will continue to be nice to them.”

Neil Minturn, Music Professor

“I have been using the services of MU’s Mizzou Publishing for 10 years. I have been very satisfied with the service. Despite all of the electronic resources available to students, I have found that they are more likely to do the readings and keep track of other course requirements if the material is available to them in hard copy. The staff of Mizzou Publishing does a great job in getting the permissions requests and the other material organized in a timely fashion.”

Joe Hobbs, Geography Professor

“I use Mizzou Publishing to put together spiral-bound “packets” for my Acct 136GH and 137GH honors classes. These packets contain lecture outlines, class examples, and class exercises. We use the packet materials in class everyday. I have been doing this for close to 20 years and I would be lost without these packets. Students constantly tell me the packets are really helpful in class because they can take notes directly on the packets, and the packets are equally helpful outside of class because they make for a more efficient way of studying for the exams. I have always found the Mizzou Publishing people to be friendly, easy to work with, and efficient.”

Loren Nikolai, Accounting Professor

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